Musa Guston Mayer in the studio of her father, the artist Philip Guston

Philip Guston: The Not For Sale Collection

Musa Guston Mayer takes us into the studio of her father, the artist Philip Guston, reflecting on her relationship with him and the future of his legacy.

Artist Jon Gray, a dark-skinned male with medium-length braids, sits smiling during an interview in front of a pottery piece presented at the Hear Me Now: The Black Potters of Old Edgefield, South Carolina exhibition.

Meet Jon Gray, Artist-in-Residence

Civic Practice Partnership artist-in-residence Jon Gray is the cofounder of the Bronx-based collective Ghetto Gastro. The collective is committed to feeding, inspiring, and growing young entrepreneurs in the Bronx while establishing the locale as a culinary destination.

Red and gold banana fibre sash

To Swim with Eels

Pacific poet Emelihter Kihleng reflects on her genealogy and connections to the lands of Pohnpei.

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Frame of Mind

An Art & Wellness Podcast


5,000 years of art, one material at a time
Detail of the pamphlet for the Act Up Art Box with the text

A Short History of the ACT UP Art Box

"ACT UP felt like a collision of creativity, political fervor, and justifiable anger..."
Two construction workers onsite installing the Ming Garden in Astor Court.

Ming Garden, 1983 | From the Vaults

This short film from 1983 documents the installation of a Ming-style garden courtyard at The Met, the first permanent cultural exchange between the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

A pair of black men with feathers decorating their heads and body next to a cup covered with a lid

The Linsky Project: Reinterpreting Porcelain Figures

New interpretive labels help visitors navigate the role of the decorative arts in negotiating race, labor, colonialism, and global commerce.
Cover of Starving Artists’ Restaurant Guide

Chinatown(s) and the City

Documenting Iconic American Neighborhoods
Cover image of a man

Reflections on Spiritual Resistance

Building the Artists of the Holocaust Collection in Watson Library
Wall of Met publications

Yes, There's a Library Here!

Meet Thomas J. Watsons Library's Instruction Teams