In the past two years I have been blogging about Giorgione, Titian, and  the Venetian Renaissance. Here is a link to my blog at Giorgione et al…The blog posts include much of the material that led to the major interpretive discoveries on this site. “Giorgione et al…” also includes some other interpretive discoveries, as well as suggestions for future investigation. Below find links to selected blog posts.

Giorgione” Tempest”. A short version of my Tempest interpretation that was originally published in the “Masterpiece” section of the Wall St. Journal on May 13, 2006. (5/13/11)

Paris Bordone: “Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine”: An essay on a  painting in which Paris Bordone depicts a young, virile St. Joseph whose prominently displayed bare leg indicates a “marriage by proxy.” (11/13/10)

Veronese: “Mary Magdalen”:A review article that adds to David Rosand’s discussion of Veronese’s painting. (11/15/11)

Giorgione: “Tempest”: A discussion of the “pentimenti” in Giorgione’s most famous painting. (10/24/10)

Giorgione, “Man of Sorrows”:  A new interpretation of another mysterious painting attributed to Giorgione, variously called “Homage to a Poet,” or “Saturn Exiled,” but now identified as a depiction of the “Man of Sorrows.” (7/9/11)

“Vision of Ezekiel”. My interpretation of this painting, sometimes attributed to Raphael, was published by art history blog Three Pipe Problem. I identified it not as the vision of Ezekiel but as the vision of St. John on the isle of Paphos. (6/10/11)

“Allegory” and “Rustic Idyll”: Two paintings similar to the Tempest , “Allegory” and “Rustic Idyll”, attributed to followers of Giorgione are interpreted as versions of “The Rest on the Flight into Egypt.” (11/21/10)

Leonardo’s “Last Supper”: Review article of Leo Steinberg’s study of Leonardo’s Last Supper. Published at art history blog “Three Pipe Problem.” (5/24/12)

Giorgione’s “Judith”: the exposed thigh of Judith is explained in light of the account of the Biblical heroine in the Book of Judith. (4/17/11)





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